Then Why Run as a Republican?

What the Daily Union lacks in journalism it supplies in comedy. Consider a recent story about a 43rd district assembly candidate: Republican Szerlong says he will work for people, not party.

Oh, brother.

If he’s focused on people over party, then why is he Republican Szerlong? Why not Citizen Szerlong, or Independent Szerlong, or Write-in Szerlong, etc.?

Here’s why: Szerlong would take all the benefits that the Party of Trump would give him, and he’d caucus with them, and vote with them, but he doesn’t want the stigma that such service to Trumpism would understandably bring. (If Szerlong somehow won this race as a Republican and took an independent line from Trumpism, his own party would make sure he was a one-termer.)

Run under Trumpism, serve under Trumpism, bear the stain of Trumpism – a stain that no false claims of independence could possibly eradicate.

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