This Week: Great Music from Ben Sommer

I’ve posted songs from, and reviewed (highly recommended) Ben Sommer’s first album, america’d. If you’re unfamiliar with Ben’s work, there’s no better time to become acquainted than now.

Ben’s a “prog rock composer, performer, writer, and pent-up curmudgeon.” His music combines political and social commentary from an edgy, libertarian angle.

Visit Ben’s official website at, and sample Saint Martha and Henry Kissinger here at FREE WHITEWATER.

This week, I’ll link each day to tracks from Ben’s new album, Super Brain. Websites from across America have been debuting individual tracks from Super Brain. From America’s Dairyland, FREE WHITEWATER will premiere nationally one of the new album’s tracks this coming weekend.

Here’s today’s link to a just-released song from Super Brain:

Young Turks is the album’s lead single, available online as an mp3 with accompanying lyrics. (Ben Sommer: electric bass, electric guitar, voice; George Arsenault: drums). Original September premiere from Captain’s Dead.