Three cheers for civilization and free markets this festive season

Happy Christmas:

As you open your gifts this festive season, or tuck into your dinner, take a moment to think about the extent to which free markets have made this possible. Probably, people from all over the globe have been involved in helping you enjoy your day; people you don’t know and don’t need to know, all because of the marvellous workings of free markets.

There is a good chance that some of your gifts travelled by air and sea to reach you; that they were conceived, manufactured and packed by an array of hard-working people in a variety of countries. Other people in several other countries are likely to have worked on providing the raw materials used in making the items you unwrapped. Having all these people from distant countries co-operating to produce goods for your pleasure is one of the great benefits of freer markets and civilisation….

Via Three cheers for civilisation and free markets this festive season – Soapbox | Moneyweb.

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