‘Trump is a dumb person’s idea of a smart person’

Jennifer Rubin writes that “Trump is a dumb person’s idea of a smart person,” and expands on that description today in the Post:

In many ways, President Trump behaves just how poor people imagine rich people do — with garish, ostentatious displays of wealth, imperiousness toward the common folk and disregard for the rules others must follow. He and his staff also act how dumb people imagine smart people behave. Trump talks in circles, repeating stock phrases so as to deflect any questions that might reveal his ignorance. (Heaven forbid someone should ask him what was in the House health-care bill). He says he has a very good brain, something people with very good brains never say….

Speaking of comical dunces, Anthony Scaramucci seems to have styled himself as a character out of “Goodfellas.” (Sweetheart, Sarah, fix the makeup. Love you press guys — bye bye!) He’s an imitation of a tough guy. (Goin’ whack those leakers — them or me.)

….This clownish performance is now a familiar one in Trump’s administration — arrogant man, well out of his depth, whose hunger for the limelight exposes his own stunning lack of judgment and gravitas.

Via The gang that couldn’t shoot straight @ Washington Post.

I believe that most people are sharp (and that there are very few dull people), but Rubin has this right: Trump must be how dumb imagines smart, how ignorant imagines knowledgeable, and how vulgar imagines tasteful.