Virginia Farm Meets Goat-Cuddler Quota

Of course they did –

WASHINGTON — An Albemarle County farm is no longer seeking volunteers to snuggle its baby goats after an “overwhelming response” from interested cuddlers.

Caromont Farm in Esmont, Virginia, expects 90 baby goats, or kids, will be born by mid-February and asked for volunteers to provide extra hands to cuddle and feed the baby goats.

The farmers make goat cheeses, so 24 hours after the kids are born, the farm starts bottle feeding the babies and milking the mothers. The kids have to be bottle fed four times per day.

The farm posted a message on its Facebook page Tuesday saying its volunteer scheduled was already full through the needed time period.

“We have had such an overwhelming response to our call for goat snugglers … you guys are awesome! Unfortunately we could not fit all of you on to our volunteer schedule,” the farm says on its Facebook page.

Caromont Farms adds that it is hosting a “Goatapalooza” on April 3. During the event, the farm will open its doors from noon until 4 p.m. to anyone “who would still like to come get some goat love in.”

Via Farm seeking goat cuddlers meets volunteer quota @ WTOP.

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