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Waste Digesters and the Ledge Guardians

Nearly one-hundred fifty miles from Whitewater, in Maribel, Wisconsin and surrounding communities, hundreds of residents are organized and committed against a large, commercial waste digester in their area.

They’ve an impressive website on behalf of their dedicated efforts: Ledge Guardianswww.ledgeguardians.com.

There are sound arguments against waste digesters, against how they really work, what they bring into a community, what they spew out into a community, against their empty claims of economic benefit, how the contents of them are described dishonestly, and how those out-of-town interests pushing them never live nearby (but expect others to do so).

A specific proposal for Whitewater, one from which Whitewater’s Community Development Authority rightly turend away, was among the worst projects ever advanced for our city.

One wishes the Ledge Guardians ongoing support to keep their community safe, clean, prosperous, open, and honest.

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