FREE WHITEWATER UW-Whitewater Student Faces Allegations of Assault After Viral TikTok Post Overnight reports that UW-Whitewater Student Faces Allegations of Assault After Viral TikTok Post Overnight:

Nearly 3,000 signatures have been gathered in less than 24 hours on, a digital petition website, after an alleged overnight assault by a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater men’s basketball player left at least one woman bloodied. The petition calls for the removal of Will Schultz, a freshman at UW-Whitewater, from the team or a suspension from school. According to video shared online and TikTok, Schultz entered an area tavern and made advances toward a female bartender. When those advances were rebuffed, Schultz allegedly followed the woman and punched her in the face. Schultz allegedly returned to the bar and confronted and punched at least one other woman before being chased away. Schultz allegedly bragged on social media about the encounters where he wrote he will “always love my fans.”

The petition was started by Zoe Messing who alleged that her friend was attacked so badly that night by Schultz her eyes were “swollen shut.”

In the aftermath of the encounters several students shared their past experiences with Schultz.

UW-Whitewater’s Director of University Communications, Jeff Angileri, gave WGTD a statement:

“This incident has been reported to the university. Please be assured that UW-Whitewater responded immediately to the situation in alignment with our university and UW System policies. Because of the nature of these situations, we cannot disclose any additional information and it is important for all involved that we follow our procedures.

The appropriate authorities, departments and offices have been contacted. The UW-Whitewater Police Department, City of Whitewater Police Department and Dean of Students Office are investigating and will determine appropriate action.”

When one reviews the scores of comments on the petition, it’s quickly apparent – almost immediately, one might say – that petitioners contend their repeated complaints about Schultz’s actions over many months before these recent allegations were ignored.

Perhaps UW-Whitewater’s administration has a different definition of immediacy.

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