Whitewater Schools: Meeting, Survey, Timeline for the Next District Administrator

There are important steps ahead in the Whitewater Schools’ search for a new district administrator. (A link on the district webpage  has information about the process. I’ve reproduced key information below.)

Tonight, at 6:30 PM in the Whitewater High School library, there will be an open forum where residents can share their views on what they’d like to see in a district administrator.

(I’ve written before about sound practices for a public forum. Those who are unaffiliated, and are new to a public forum, should have pride of place. Those who are accustomed to public participation should wait their turn. Whitewater has too many of the same people who sit up front and speak as though they were in a private audience.

As for bloggers – who are modern-day versions of eighteenth century pamphleteers – we have ample means of expression. There will be time to write about the search process.)

Through Monday, February 24th, there is an online survey that respondents can complete about the search. (The survey is, as it should be, in English & Spanish. A link on the page allows for language selection.)

The district website also has a tentative hiring timeline that I have reproduced below, and that can be clicked for a larger image. (HYA refers to the search consulting firm — Hazard, Young, Attea.)

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3 years ago

Nice summary. Agree with need to make sure new voices are welcome.
Querstion for you: did you pick the pseudonym because of pamphleteering?