Whitewater’s ACT Participation Rate Near the Bottom of Area Schools


The latest ACT scores for area schools are out, and when one looks at the data with care, one sees that Whitewater yet again lags area schools in the proportion of students taking that test.  

Relying only on the scores, without thought to the participation level, would be a superficial gloss on a result that deserves genuine consideration.  I’ll not follow a shallow lead – there’s already more than one place where one can find the superficial.

No doubt, a waning group will cry that one should only accentuate the positive.  

They don’t know the half of it – although these participation numbers should be disappointing and embarrassing to any well-read person, there are genuine opportunities even now.

Tomorrow, I’ll consider in greater detail (1) what’s wrong, (2) why it’s likely this way, (3) how to present bad results competently and effectively, and (4) how Whitewater can make strides to catch up with other communities and the state average (regardless of state participation requirements in the future).

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5 years ago

University is not everyone’s choice. I have many friends that support their family’s well, but have never attend college. I think that a better comparison would be to compare the ACT scores among neighboring communities.

5 years ago

People don’t have to go to college, that is true.that doesn’t matter for everyone.But Whitewater wants to brag about scores based on less people than those other districts.that is the problem in saying look how great it all is compared to other places.

Flapjack 2000
5 years ago

The question is: are some students discouraged from participating because their score may lower the average?

5 years ago
Reply to  Flapjack 2000

This is a huge point. If that’s happening then it’s masking actual performance that people pay to support. It’s really a bad sign that Whitewater is below the Wisconsin participation rate.