Trump-Busting Issues for Wisconsin

Writing at Urban Milwaukee, Bruce Thompson looks at popular national issues to use against Trump, matches them against Wisconsin-specific polling, and offers How Democrats Can Beat Trump [in Wisconsin]. Many of the most popular poll issues are not libertarian ones, it’s almost unnecessary to say.  They’re issues that have national and statewide support, and so would be useful in a race against Trump in Wisconsin.

Some excerpts:

Several of these proposals are financially related, including increased taxes on high incomes, free college tuition, and raising the minimum wage.


there is also majority support for several climate related proposals. Although a carbon tax enjoys majority support—and is particularly favored by economists—it has had rough sledding politically, including being voted down in Washington state and contributing to the “yellow vest” protests in France. The green new deal has been widely mocked for throwing in everything on its supporters’ wish list; however, it may help shift the focus of climate change measures from austerity to an opportunity to revive job growth.


There is also majority support for two gun-control proposals. One is requiring background checks for private gun sales and those at gun shows. A second is banning the sale of semi-automatic assault weapons.

Thompson omits polling on medical marijuana, and that seems an oversight both of his and some of the polls on which he is relying to compare national and Wisconsin responses.  Medical marijuana is almost certainly a good issue for Trump’s opponents. (From a recent Marquette Law poll: “Fifty-nine percent of voters say marijuana use should be legal, while 36 percent say it should not be legal. A substantial majority, 83 percent, say use of marijuana for medical purposes with a doctor’s prescription should be legal, with 12 percent saying it should not be.”)

Overall, though, Thompson’s is a useful set of winning issues with which to combat Trump in Wisconsin next year.

As there is no greater threat to American liberty than Trump, there can be no more important libertarian issue than his lawful removal from office at the earliest opportunity.

First things first.


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