An Open Note to Leaders of the Municipal Government, the School District, and UW-Whitewater

Along the lines of listing key topics (see the right sidebar at FREE WHITEWATER for a list of particular areas of concern), it’s worth being clear that important issues in one part of the city should not be ignored in other parts.

An Open Note to Leaders of Government, the School District, and UW-Whitewater: misconduct of officials in one public institution does not entitle those implicated to speak without criticism on unrelated matters elsewhere.

When officials who have tolerated or excused misconduct within their own institutions look to change the subject at another forum, those who allow them to change that subject are complicit in creating a distraction from serious wrongs.  No reasonable person owes anyone that distraction; those who aid struggling leaders in subject-changing in this way are, themselves, culpable of a secondary wrong.  This should be obvious, but somehow institutional leaders in Whitewater are too dense to grasp the point, or too callous to care.

No matter: those officials who invite someone for a lesser discussion can expect direct questions about why they ignored discussion of serious wrongs of the invited guest’s institution. Those officials have every right, however disordered, to offer public-relations cover to others.   They do not, however, have the right do so with impunity.

Whitewater’s various leaders have had years of carrying on this way, aiding each others’ attempts to distract from institutional wrongs.  These years have been years too many; there shouldn’t, and so won’t, be more.

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8 years ago

Still waiting to see if former wrestling coach Fader achieves any measure of satisfaction from the “rush-to-judgment” he experienced at the hands of several UW-W executives.