Assorted Items on a Big Day

A few assorted items on a big day:

 Elections. I’ve no firm idea how any of the major contests nationally, statewide, or locally will go. It does seem clear that many contests have, in fact, been nationalized. How this will affect the final vote in our area (both in the city and townships immediately nearby) one cannot confidently say. Even after all votes are in, there will be no exit surveys locally on which to rely. The best – data-grounded – assessments will come from looking at the topline vote, how it differs from down-ballot races, and how those results differ from past election results.

Tomorrow. Whatever the results, one will carry on tomorrow in the environment those results leave us. If today should be disappointing, the obligation to go on will not be less powerful; on the contrary, it will be more powerful.

Projects.  Most people keep a calendar of upcoming projects, looking out a year or so ahead. Sometimes local developments will change the priority of those items, even adding some, and removing others. Events of the last few months, and of the next few, are likely to require a reordering of priorities.

It’s a truism to say that all men and women make history, but not in conditions of their own choosing.

This is a beautiful but still-troubled city, and one adjusts to meet the challenges and demands that arise.

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