Presidential race 2016

One Day

I support Johnson-Weld 2016, and Gov. Johnson’s recorded a new video, entitled, One Day.   We will have one day have the better day he describes, confident as one may be that a politics grounded in liberty is conceptually, ethically, and practically right.  

Johnson-Weld 2016

Occasionally, someone will ask me how I’ll be voting this fall. I’m a libertarian, from an old libertarian family, and it’s an easy choice for me: Johnson-Weld 2016. Here’s a video in which Gov. Johnson and Gov. Weld introduce themselves. They offer America a principled alternative, and would assure us a government, among other things,…

GOP in MKE: Tonight at the Milwaukee Theatre

POLITICO has answers to likely questions about tonight’s debate: Everything you need to know about Tuesday’s Republican debate. Here are the two important answers about the main debate (an undercard debate will begin at 6 PM CST): When and how long is the debate? The prime-time debate will last two hours and begins at 9…

Last Night’s GOP Debate

I’m not a major-party voter, but like millions I have watched the GOP presidential debates (and will watch the Democrats’ debates, too).  There’s a lot to learn from watching the candidates, for all the showiness, the pre-debate theatrics, etc. The key point about all these encounters is that they are intra-party affairs – it’s a debate…