Record-Breaking Astronaut Reunited with Her Dog

Christina Koch recently returned from 328 days in space, and was reunited with her family, including her dog, LBD (Little Brown Dog). As one can imagine, LBD was faithfully excited — See Dog Could Not Possibly Be Happier About This Astronaut’s Return to Earth After a Year in Space.

A Simulation of the Milky Way

At Caltech, they’ve published a video simulation of the Milky Way: Animation of our Milky Way galaxy based on a detailed supercomputer simulation. The movie zooms in and out of the galaxy, showing what it would look like in visible wavelengths. Blue regions are young star clusters which have blown away the gas and dust…

NASA Tests New Rocket Engine

NASA enjoyed a successful test of a heavy rocket, and both the federal agency and private enterprise are pushing ahead with rockets powerful enough to support a mission to Mars. A booster for the most powerful rocket in the world, NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), successfully fired up Tuesday for its second qualification ground test…

Friday Poll: Offer for a Meteorite

$20,000 for a Meteorite In Portland, Maine, the a police officer’s dashcam captured video of a meteorite streaking across the sky. A museum that plans to open next year has now offered a reward of $20,000 for anyone who can find and deliver to the museum a significant part of the meteorite. For today’s question:…

Blue Origin Rocket Landing

New Shepard flight on April 2, 2016 showing flight of the booster from just ahead of reentry through descent and landing. Video is from the GH2 vent camera located just below the booster’s ring fin. Via Blue Origin YouTube Channel.

Mercury’s Transit Across the Sun

NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory tracked Mercury making a rare transit across the face of the Sun [on May 9th]. The last time this event happened was in 2006, and NASA predicts it will happen again in 2019. Via CNN @ YouTube.