Commerce Slows

Update, Friday afternoon: Trump folds under pressure agrees to a three-week re-opening of the federal gov’t.  Of his Rose Garden address this afternoon (one that I watched in full), Jennifer Rubin observes “[m]aybe this is part of an insanity defense for the Russia probe.”

One reads that under the shutdown, interstate commerce now slows:

Significant flight delays were rippling across the Northeast on Friday because of a shortage of air traffic controllers as a result of the government shutdown, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The agency said it was slowing traffic in and out of the airports because of staffing problems at facilities in Washington and Jacksonville, Fla.

The delays were cascading along the Eastern Seaboard, reaching as far north as Boston. But La Guardia was the only airport closed off to arriving flights from other cities because it was so crowded with planes taking off and landing on a weekday morning.

Via Airport Delays Ripple Across Northeast Due to Air Traffic Controller Shortage.

Perhaps, just perhaps, a businessman known for self-promotion, serial bankruptcies, and junk products wasn’t the person to oversee the executive branch of the federal government.

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