Common Council, 10.1.19: A Reminder about Reminders

The Whitewater Common Council met in regular session on Tuesday, October 1st.

One wonders: what does it profit a leader to speak another language if he’s ineffectual in the face of injuries to speakers of that language?

In the video above, one hears from Whitewater’s city government (beginning at 9:10 on the video):

A reminder to be proactive in your community and in your neighborhood. If you see something, give us a call. If someone looks suspicious, don’t think ah it’s just me, and justify the one hundred reasons you shouldn’t make the call. Make the call. Let us know so our police force can go out and do their job in protecting the community.

A reminder about this government reminder: far more than once, peaceful residents of this city have told this city leader that they and members of their community are repeatedly stopped and questioned over their immigration status, often through a flimsy pretext.

The practice continues. They’ve made the call, so to speak, but their concerns have been unaddressed.

They ironic temerity of these repeated stops: these are peaceful residents of this city, but many of those stopping them live neither in the city nor even in any of the counties in which this city is situated.

These stops aren’t ‘protecting’ Whitewater; they’re crude and disruptive nativism under the color of law.

A reminder about protection first requires an understanding of the very concept.

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