Daily Bread for 1.20.14

Good morning.

We’ll have an even chance of a wintry mix of freezing rain and snow in Whitewater today (with slight accumulation), and a high of twenty-two (before dropping into the teens).

Friday’s FW poll was about the likelihood of victory for each of the NFL’s four remaining teams, and respondents favored Seattle (31.43%) and Denver (28.57%) from among the four. That’s how it turned out, although not without close moments along the way (in the Seattle-San Francisco game, at least).

Google has a new doodle on its webpage for MLK Day:

On this day in 1942, officials of the Nazi state meet at the Wannsee Conference, “to ensure the cooperation of administrative leaders of various government departments in the implementation of the final solution to the Jewish question, whereby most of the Jews of German-occupied Europe would be deported to Poland and exterminated.”

The conference followed an earlier, December 12, 1941 meeting at the Reich Chancellery where Hitler met with principal leaders of the regime to authorize extermination of Europe’s Jews (from Goebbels’s diary for December 12, 1941: “With respect of the Jewish Question, the Führer has decided to make a clean sweep. He prophesied to the Jews that if they again brought about a world war, they would live to see their annihilation in it. That wasn’t just a catch-word. The world war is here, and the annihilation of the Jews must be the necessary consequence.”)

Puzzability has a new weekly series, entitled Alternative Musicians:

This Week’s Game — January 20-24
Alternative Musicians
Some people can really sing their hearts out. For each day this week, we began with the name of a solo singer who has won a Record of the Year Grammy Award. Then we removed any spaces and punctuation and deleted every other letter, leaving just the odd letters. The day’s clue shows those remaining letters in order.
Michael Jackson
What to Submit:
Submit the singer’s name (as “Michael Jackson” in the example) for your answer.
Monday, January 20

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