Daily Bread for 10.24.22: Nine, Nine, I Tell Ya

Good morning.

Monday in Whitewater will be mostly cloudy with a high of 78. Sunrise is 7:20 AM and sunset 5:57 PM for 10h 37m 29s of daytime. The moon is a waning crescent with 0.9% of its visible disk illuminated.

Updated: Whitewater’s Urban Forestry Commission meets at 4:30 PM, Downtown Whitewater’s Board of Directors meets at 6 PM, and Whitewater’s School Board goes into closed session shortly after 6 PM, and resumes open session at 7 PM

On this day in 2003, Concorde makes its last commercial flight.

Not everything in the world is serious… Brendan Rascius reports ‘At least 9 coyotes’ surround dog walker and refuse to back down, Massachusetts cops say

A dog walker in Massachusetts endured a close scrape with a pack of coyotes over the weekend, according to police.

A resident of Swampscott, a seaside town up the coast from Boston, was walking a dog on a suburban side street on the evening of Oct. 15 when confronted by the canines, according to a news release from the Swampscott Police Department.

The dog walker called police at 9:30 pm, saying a pack of coyotes had encircled them, adding that the animals were “not backing down,” the release says.

Upon arrival, police saw “at least nine coyotes.” The animals then withdrew from the area, potentially frightened by the police vehicles and their flashing lights, according to the release.

Afterward, the police escorted the dog walker back to their home.

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

There’s no reason that Whitewater has to wind up like Swampscott, Massachusetts, a town about the size of Whitewater that has now become a coyote-infested hellscape. 

If some communities didn’t have cats on patrol to deal with this threat, they would already have gone under. See Cat Defends Arizona Home Against Coyote and Cat Defeats Three Coyotes in Combat

If we work together, we, too, can forfend a canid invasion that has claimed, so very tragically, a New England town. 

See In Whitewater, People Won’t Feed Coyotes — Coyotes Will Feed on PeopleCoyotes abundant, troublesome in Rock County.

 Project Treasure: unlocking hidden wonders of the Aegean and Black seas

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