Friday Catblogging: Cat Defeats Three Coyotes in Combat

Rolling over to those three coyotes was not an option Max was willing to entertain, clearly. Instead, he arched his back, raised the hair on his neck and poofed out his tail to make himself look as large and threatening as possible. He slowly swayed his black tail like a battle flag.
With his tail erect and white paws out for blood, Max strategically swatted away the beasts.
She and her husband [Max’s owners] supervised his outdoor time and noticed he would often return after 30 minutes or a couple of hours of exploring, she said.

That’s no longer enough given recent events, so the Gurrins are working out a compromise that would ensure Max’s safety and give him the freedom to smell the outdoors in the form of a catio or cat patio, which is an enclosed outdoor structure for cats still tapped into their wild side.

The structure will be built in coming days, she said.

Via Washington Post.

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