Friday Catblogging: A Cat Census for Washington, D.C.

Justin Wm. Moyer reports on a privately-funded count of Washington’s cats: You might know a Tiger, a Tigger or a Mr. Whiskers. But how many cats are really living in the streets and sleeping on the couches of the District? By spending $1.5 million over three years, a consortium of scientists and animal welfare organizations […]

Friday Catblogging: The Poachers’ Fate

Embed from Getty Images In a stunning instance of the animal kingdom taking karma into its own hands – or rather, paws – at least three poachers were mauled to death and then eaten by lions earlier this week after they illegally entered the Sibuya Game Reserve in South Africa to hunt rhinos. “They strayed […]

Friday Catblogging: Cats Cradle

Cats are like potato chips, reads a sign in Bruce and Terry Jenkins’s home. You can’t just have one! In fact, the Jenkinses have 30. They have devoted their retirement to caring for this plethora of elderly cats, transforming their home over the years into a makeshift feline senior center. “It’s kind of a big family,” […]

Friday Catblogging: Leopard Cubs

The San Diego Zoo is welcoming the first ever critically endangered Amur leopard cubs born at the zoo. WARNING: They’re adorable. — ABC News (@ABC) June 1, 2018

Friday Catblogging: Jaguars

Nadia Drake observes that The Jaguar Is Made for the Age of Humans (“A writer comes face-to-face with the cat deep in the Amazon jungle and left with a new understanding of its surprising resilience to poaching and habitat loss”): The Ese’Eja, indigenous to this area of Peru, say that the jaguar only shows himself to […]

Friday Catblogging: Can Humans and Lions Get Along?

“Lions are really causing us havoc,” laments an African pastoralist in Nani Walker and Alan Toth’s short documentary, Living with Lions. The film chronicles the conflict between lions and humans in Laikipia County, Kenya, where drought and urbanization have pushed people and wildlife into closer contact. Conservationists attempt to mitigate the encounters, which often begin […]

Friday Catblogging: Chicago’s Puff The Magic Kitty

From Chicago, it’s Puff the Magic Kitty: Puff comin’ yo. — A Cat Named Bitches (@BitchestheCat) April 19, 2018 (@PuffMagicKitty: “Rescued from a feral colony. New money. Puff puff cat. From a land called Chi-City. Embedded in the #purrsistance with @lbkiddoshow and @Bitchesthecat.”)