Friday Catblogging: Black-Footed Cats

Alysia Gray Painter reports Black-Footed Kittens Thriving at Safari Park: Black-footed cats are among “the world’s smallest cats,” with an adult weight ranging between two and three pounds. That means at birth a kitten will rock the scale at a few ounces, making these wee and wild ones truly extraordinary animals.

Friday Catblogging: Cats Along the Silk Road

Science Magazine has an article asking readers Care For Cats? So Did People Along The Silk Road More Than 1,000 Years Ago: Common domestic cats, as we know them today, might have accompanied Kazakh pastoralists as pets more than 1,000 years ago. This has been indicated by new analyses done on an almost complete cat skeleton…

Friday Catblogging: Cat Tower Project

Ekta Joshi writes This Japanese firm has created a functional four story luxury building for cats: If you’re a cat parent and don’t mind pampering your furball silly, here’s what you need to lay your eyes on! The ultimate play toy cum lounge for your kitty – we’re talking about the mega-luxe “cat tower mansion”…

Snow Leopards of Northern India

Dina Mishev writes How a lifelong obsession with snow leopards led me to northern India: It is an afternoon toward the end of our stay at the lodge that Namgail spots snow leopards: a mom and two cubs, maybe even the ones of which Norboo and I saw the tracks. We spent days driving up…