Friday Catblogging: 75-year-old Wisconsin man naps with cats while volunteering at animal shelter

If anyone’s looking for a little inspiration for their post-retirement career, you could do a lot worse than taking a cue from Wisconsin’s Terry Lauerman. The 75-year-old man is a volunteer at the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay. His primary job, as it seems, is to take naps with the various cats. Save Haven’s founder, Elizabeth…

Friday Catblogging: What Cats Think

Felicity Muth writes What We Understand about Cats and What They Understand about Us: One way in which we frequently attempt to interact with the animals that live with us is by pointing at things. It is possible that this shows our limitations rather than our animal friends since this is a particularly human means…

Friday Catblogging: Not Humans After All

A years-long search for a serial cat killer has found unexpected culprits. Amy Held reports London Police Outfoxed, Abandon 3-Year Search For Serial Cat Killer: It was a damp and dreary November nearly three years ago, when the London Metropolitan Police decided it was time to act. People kept calling with reports of grisly findings:…

That Time a Cat Co-Authored a Physics Paper

Eric Grundhauser writes In 1975, a Cat Co-Authored a Physics Paper: Jack H. Hetherington was a professor of physics at Michigan State University in 1975, when he finished what would become an influential and often-cited physics paper. The academic writing, entitled Two-, Three-, and Four-Atom Exchange Effects in bcc 3He, was an in-depth exploration of…

Friday Catblogging: Stella’s Nap

It’s finally Friday. Time to celebrate with another nap. — Kats of KFF (@KFFCats) August 31, 2018 Stella, a recently adopted kitten (and now part of the @KFFCats family), takes it easy before a holiday weekend.

Friday Catblogging: Lynx

The trial reintroduction of six Eurasian lynx in the Kielder Forest in Northumberland has become more likely as 100% of the landowners approached so far have given their approval. Read the full story: ? Neville Buck — BBC Wildlife (@WildlifeMag) August 14, 2018