Friday Catblogging: Relaxed, Very Relaxed

Arnesia Young writes that a Japanese Cat Sleeping in Funny Position Is Compared to a Drunken Salaryman: Cats are often known to fall asleep in a variety of amusing positions. But one Japanese Twitter user’s cat conked out in a position so odd that commenters are comparing the snoozing feline to a drunken salaryman on a…

Friday Catblogging: Cats Conquer Oakland Coliseum

David DeBolt writes Feral cats have invaded the Oakland Coliseum: Feral cats are having a “field day” at the Oakland Coliseum, according to stadium authority executive director Henry Gardner. An estimated 30 to 40 cats and kittens have made the 130-acre property in East Oakland home, multiplying in population over the course of the coronavirus…

Friday Catblogging: Arthur the Hello Cat

TikTok star Arthur announces himself whenever he comes into a room: @arthurthehellocat Our cat, Arthur, announces his arrival when he comes through the cat flap. We think it sounds like he’s saying hello. #hello #talkingcat#foryoupage ? original sound – Arthurthehellocat

Friday Catblogging: Pumas as Influencers

Phoebe Weston explains why the puma is a leading influencer in the animal kingdom: Researchers reviewed 162 studies published between 1950 and 2020 looking at how pumas – also known as mountain lions or cougars – enrich ecosystems and support other species. They found the large cats contribute 1.5m kilograms of meat a day to…