Friday Catblogging: About that study of feline & canine brains…

Embed from Getty ImagesOne may have read news accounts that contend of a recent study of cats’ and dogs’ neurons suggests dogs are more intelligent. News headline may suggest that, but in fact, the actual study doesn’t draw that conclusion for the results: Dog people are gloating this week amid widespread reports that a recent study found dogs to be “smarter” than […]

Friday Catblogging: Don’t Pet the Lion

Stroke the Lion it’ll be fine they said! Here’s @scottbaldwin2 petting a lion like it’s a pet cat! — Andy Goode (@AndyGoode10) September 29, 2017 Welsh rugby player Scott Baldwin extended an invitation, one that the lion predictably accepted: Coach Steve Tandy had no sympathy for his player, suggesting Baldwin had ignored instruction and […]

Alaskan Lynx Family Visits Photographer’s Porch

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – Anchorage resident Tim Newton awoke to the sound of something running across his deck in the area of Flattop, last Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. So naturally, he went to check it out. Family of lynx on deck of Anchorage resident (photo Courtesy of Tim Newton Photography) “I crept over to the […]

Friday Catblogging: The Tiny Meows Coming From the Wall

Here’s a story with a happy ending: When residents of a neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas, heard tiny meows coming from behind an abandoned house, they knew just what to do. Judy Obregon, founder of a local animal rescue called The Abandoned Ones (TAO), routinely rescues abandoned dogs and needy strays in the area. The people who heard the […]

Friday Catblogging: Nursery

LOS ANGELES — They are brought into shelters in crates, boxes and flower pots at this time of the year: Tiny, mewing kittens with eyes barely open, with pink, toothless mouths — and usually with no mother to nurse them. And here’s what it takes to keep them alive: people to hand-feed formula through a […]