Friday Poll: What Was That?

What Was It? In September, a live video cam of an eagle’s nest seemed to capture something else walking below on the ground. There’s now excitement that this might be a recording of a Sasquatch. (In the embedded video, the action occurs in the upper right corner of the recording, and is enhanced and placed […]

Friday Poll: Amtrak’s Seven-Month Response Time

<a href=””>Amtrak’s Seven-Month Response Time</a> Amanda Carpenter, a sometime political operative and current CNN commentator, became stuck in an Amtrak station elevator in February, and she posted on Twitter at the time to describe her situstion. Seven months later, an Amtrak representative tweeted back to ask if she still needed help: Carpenter obviously pushed the […]

Friday Poll: Hidden Monkey on Plane

Hidden Monkey on an Airplane: What to do? If a passenger sneaks a monkey on to a plane, what should authorities do? On a flight from Ohio to Nevada, a flight crew discovered that a passenger was concealing a service monkey: Frontier Airlines spokesman Richard Oliver says the incident happened Tuesday night on a flight […]

Friday Poll: Flight Attendant’s Exit Strategy

A Houston television station reports that a United Airlines flight attendant used an evacuation slide to leave a packed airplane, despite the absence of any emergency: According to an official with United Airlines, the incident happened around noon after Flight 1246 landed in Houston after traveling from Sacramento. Julia Price deployed an evacuation slide when the aircraft […]

Friday Poll: A Sea Monster in the Thames?

A Sea Monster in the Thames? There are periodic claims about a monster in Loch Ness, but the British press is now asking about a sea monster in the Thames, supposedly sighted from someone riding a cable car.  The video has now been viewed over two million times, showing that there’s a high, ongoing interest […]

Friday Catblogging: Cat’s Unplanned Trip

A very happy ending to an extraordinary story, all thanks to a microchip! Posted by Grove Lodge Veterinary Group on Thursday, March 24, 2016 A Siamese cat survived eight days in a packing box after she climbed in shortly before her owner sealed the container: After traveling for 260 miles, Cupcake arrived in Worthing, West […]

Friday Poll: The Unexpected Kinkajou

An elderly woman in Florida awoke recently to find a kinkajou, apparently escaped from someone else’s house as they’re not native to Florida, sleeping on her chest.  Woman and kinkajou are now fine, although the woman was at first frightened by the encounter. What would you think of this – unpleasant encounter or great story […]

Friday Poll: A Fake Elderly Resident

A Fake Elderly Resident In Rhode Island, a local senior affairs director, Sue Stenhouse, persuaded a middle-aged, male van driver to dress as an elderly woman during an event highlighting services for senior citizens.  The story is now viral, and the senior affairs director is now out of her job. (Ms. Stenhouse was also accused of using […]