Evidence that Russian Military Unit was Behind DNC Hack

Ellen Nakashima reports that a Cybersecurity firm finds evidence that Russian military unit was behind DNC hack: The firm CrowdStrike linked malware used in the DNC intrusion to malware used to hack and track an Android phone app used by the Ukrainian army in its battle against pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine from late 2014 […]

How Much, and What Kind, of Military Spending?

Analysts from five Washington policy institutes[1] have published a joint report asking (1) what should American defense strategy be? (2) what capabilities, investments, and force structure might that strategy require? and (3) what would such a military cost?  (The five institutes are not of the same views, with the Cato Institute’s Benjamin H. Friedman notable […]

The Rise of the Robo-Cheetahs

Well, we knew it had to happen someday. A DARPA-funded robotic cheetah has been released into the wild, so to speak. A new algorithm developed by MIT researchers now allows their quadruped to run and jump — while untethered — across a field of grass. The Pentagon, in an effort to investigate technologies that allow […]

Memorial Day 2014

Correspondent Mike Boettcher reported from, and later produced a documentary, The Hornet’s Nest, about American soldiers fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The VOA reports about his film, and below in this post I’ve embedded the documentary film’s trailer. Remember. That is the message delivered by war correspondent Mike Boettcher in his gritty documentary ‘The Hornet’s […]

Domestic drones as a threat to liberty

America’s use of drones against her foreign enemies, for surveillance and lethal strikes, has been notably successful. We are sure to build new and more advanced drones for similar uses, and to expand our naval power without placing aviators at risk. Yet, something that has served so well in combat was sure to be proposed […]