Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘An all-access purveyor of misinformation’

Ron Johnson, one of the two United States senators representing Wisconsin, has earned a new epithet: BROOKFIELD, Wis. — Senator Ron Johnson incited widespread outrage when he said recently that he would have been more afraid of the rioters who rampaged the Capitol on Jan. 6 had they been members of Black Lives Matter and…

Johnson & Fitzgerald: Betrayers of Wisconsin

The Journal Sentinel’s editorial board correctly contends that Ron Johnson, Scott Fitzgerald and Tom Tiffany should resign or be expelled for siding with Trump against our republic: It was one of Scott Fitzgerald’s first votes in Congress — and he voted to give aid and comfort to an insurrection. This is what putting Donald Trump…

Michele Norris: He Knew

He knewThis is not a surpriseIt is a tragedyBroken heartsOrphaned children Empty chairsLong haul illnessOverstretched hospitalsConfusionFrustrationMixed messagesGriefIncompetenceLiesCrumbling institutions Vote for the future you deserve the future your kids deserve — Michele Norris (@michele_norris) September 10, 2020