Michele Norris: He Knew

He knewThis is not a surpriseIt is a tragedyBroken heartsOrphaned children Empty chairsLong haul illnessOverstretched hospitalsConfusionFrustrationMixed messagesGriefIncompetenceLiesCrumbling institutions Vote for the future you deserve the future your kids deserve— Michele Norris (@michele_norris) September 10, 2020            

The Advantage for His Opponents in Trump’s Visit to Kenosha

Despite the requests of Wisconsin’s governor and Kenosha’s mayor, Trump is set on visiting Kenosha tomorrow. There’s no power to stop him from attending, however recklessly disruptive the visit may prove to be. There is, however, an advantage for Trump’s opponents in his visiting Kenosha on September 1st. With two months to go until November…

Donald Trump’s Niece on Her Bestselling Family Account

After the Trump family went to court to stop the book—and lost—it was published last week and has reportedly sold a million copies. This memoir/psychological dissection, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” is a harrowing account of a man and a clan shaped by ego, rivalry, the…