The Advantage for His Opponents in Trump’s Visit to Kenosha

Despite the requests of Wisconsin’s governor and Kenosha’s mayor, Trump is set on visiting Kenosha tomorrow.

There’s no power to stop him from attending, however recklessly disruptive the visit may prove to be.

There is, however, an advantage for Trump’s opponents in his visiting Kenosha on September 1st. With two months to go until November 3rd, Trump’s visit will reveal how his operatives will try to capitalize on that community’s suffering to his advantage: what he will say, how he will say it, to whom he will speak personally, and how he will use photographs and videos of his visit.

It is generally better to know than not to know, and to know sooner than later. Trump’s visit be of observational value, with time to analyze how he (and, truly, his political & media operatives) will try to use tragedy for selfish ends.

Trump is an impulsive, emotional man, without personal discipline.  He brays at every perceived slight, and blurts his malevolent plans.  Others will learn much by observing Trump at his probable worst, so much the better to respond in a deliberate, effective way.

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