Daily Bread for 11.5.22: Crime Scene Bucha: How Russian Soldiers Ran a “Cleansing” Operation in Ukraine

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Saturday in Whitewater will be windy, with morning showers and a high of 61. Sunrise is 7:35 AM and sunset 5:41 PM for 10h 06m 26s of daytime. The moon is a waxing gibbous with 91.1% of its visible disk illuminated.

On this day in 1872, in defiance of the law, suffragist Susan B. Anthony votes for the first time, and is later fined $100.

Frontline reports Crime Scene Bucha: How Russian Soldiers Ran a “Cleansing” Operation in Ukraine

The @Associated Press, FRONTLINE and Situ Research investigate what happened when Russian troops occupied the Ukrainian town of Bucha in early 2022, and who was responsible. Using a 3D model of Bucha, intercepted phone conversations of Russian soldiers and hundreds of hours of surveillance footage, the joint investigation shows, for the first time, what a cleansing operation looks like.

This journalism is made possible by viewers like you. Support your local PBS station here:

This investigation focuses on the month-long period in which Russian forces remained stalled out in Bucha after failing to advance on the Ukrainian capital. When they eventually left in early April, what they left behind was evidence of a massacre, the scale of which had not previously been understood.

To analyze the patterns of violence that resulted in the deaths of over 450 people, The Associated Press and FRONTLINE collaborated with Situ Research who used drone footage from a Ukrainian citizen research group, Jus Talionis, to build a 3D model of Bucha illustrating the scale of alleged war crimes committed there by Russian forces.

This video is part of an AP/FRONTLINE investigation that includes the “War Crimes Watch Ukraine” interactive experience and the documentary “Putin’s Attack on Ukraine: Documenting War Crimes.”

(YouTube restricts this video by age due to its graphic content. That graphic content, of course, is an accurate account of the criminal, savage, undisciplined conduct of Russian soldiers.)

Twitter: Elon Musk defends mass layoffs saying he had ‘no choice’:

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