Daily Bread for 11.8.12

Good morning.

Thursday in the Whippet City brings a cloudy morning with gradual clearing thereafter, and a high of forty-nine. We’ll have 9h, 58m of sunshine and 10h, 58m of daylight.

Today in Whitewater, will will be a joint meeting of Downtown Whitewater, the Chamber of Commerce, and Tourism Commission at 6:45 PM. It follows a meeting yesterday of Downtown Whitewater, and these meetings are part of longstanding, sporadic attempts to consolidate services between the different business-advocacy groups.

Today’s meeting is held this evening at First Citizens Bank, on Main. (A public meeting – and at least one of these three groups reasonably falls under the Open Meetings Law — may be held at a private site, so long as it’s easily accessible, as this one will be. Wis. Stat. § 19.81(2)-(3).)

Although efforts of this kind are typically mentioned during Whitewater’s annual budgeting, this is the most robust effort the city has yet seen, at city government’s behest. How it will go, I’ve no idea. (These are not the first meetings along these lines this season, by the way.)

Embedded below for easy reference is the posted document for tonight’s meeting, and thereafter the documents for the 11.7.12 Downtown Whitewater, Inc. meeting.

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Also tonight, at 6:30 PM, there’s a Common Council meeting, with ongoing budget presentations.

On this day in 1960, Sen. Kennedy defeated VP Richard Nixon to become president. Here’s how James Reston at the New York Times reported the news:

Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts finally won the 1960 Presidential election from Vice President Nixon by the astonishing margin of less than two votes per voting precinct.

Senator Kennedy’s electoral vote total stood yesterday at 300, just thirty-one more than the 269 needed for election. The Vice President’s total was 185. Fifty-two additional electoral votes, including California’s thirty-two, were still in doubt last night.

But the popular vote was a different story. The two candidates ran virtually even. Senator Kennedy’s lead last night was little more than 300,000 in a total tabulated vote of about 66,000,000 cast in 165,826 precincts.

That was a plurality for the Senator of less than one-half of 1 per cent of the total vote–the smallest percentage difference between the popular vote of two Presidential candidates since 1880, when James A. Garfield outran Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock by 7,000 votes in a total of almost 9,000,000.

In Wisconsin history from this day in 1870,

First National Weather Forecast [Was] Published
On this date Increase Lapham recorded the first published national weather forecast, calling for “high winds and falling temperatures for Chicago, Detroit and the Eastern cities.” [Source: History Just Ahead: A Guide to Wisconsin’s Historical Markers edited by Sarah Davis McBride]

Google’s daily puzzle asks a history question: “Only one man was twice honored with the “Thanks of Congress” during the Civil War. To what rank was this individual promoted after the war?”

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