Daily Bread for 12.19.22: For UW-Whitewater, a Legislative Predictor

Good morning.

Monday in Whitewater will be cloudy with a high of 24. Sunrise is 7:21 AM and sunset 4:23 PM for 9h 01m 44s of daytime. The moon is a waning crescent with 19.5% of its visible disk illuminated.

The Whitewater School Board goes into closed session shortly after 6 PM, to resume open session at 7 PM. Whitewater’s Library Board meets at 6:30 PM

 On this day in 1777, George Washington’s Continental Army goes into winter quarters at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

UW-Whitewater will, one day after all, have a new chancellor. (UW System regents will receive a recommended candidate in January.) Someone will get the position, and then the university’s long interregnum will end.

There’s a way to predict the quality of that selection, when it at last is made:

The more the Wisconsin Legislature’s majority endorses a selection, the worse that selection will be for the university’s future. The more disappointed the Wisconsin Legislature’s majority will be, the better that selection will be for the university’s future. 

A simple, effective predictor. 

Two ‘nearby’ exoplanets may be water worlds, Hubble and Spitzer data suggests:

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