Daily Bread for 12.27.21: Kwik Trip is a Rural Wisconsinite’s Bodega

Good morning.

Monday in Whitewater will be cloudy with a high of 41.  Sunrise is 7:24 AM and sunset 4:28 PM for 9h 03m 23s of daytime.  The moon is a waning crescent with 44.9% of its visible disk illuminated.

 On this day in 1929, Soviet General Secretary Joseph Stalin orders the “liquidation of the kulaks as a class.

 Here in Whitewater, we’ve a small Mexican grocery, La Preferida, and other Wisconsin cities have bodegas (literally, cellars, but understood in this context as small grocereries).  (In many bodgeas, by the way, there’s a cat to keep away pests. See Bodgea Cats, from Brooklyn, on Twitter.)

Many communities depend on a bodega for simple needs like milk, butter, vegetables, or coffee, but a proper bodega will have a wide selection of items packed into a narrow space.

Residents of Whitewater now have a Kwik Trip convenience store, with another on the way. (I very much like Kwik Trip, but also recognize the limits of Gas Stations, Fast Food, and What the Market Will Bear.)

Customers of Kwik Trip are often enthusiastic in support of these stores, so much so that Kwik Trip has a fan base. See Cult brands: How companies build a fanatical fan base.  Competitors simply don’t have the same number of fans (it’s not even close).

Exhibit A:


SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICHES SLAPPED #wisconsin #tailgate #fyp #kwiktrip @Kwik Trip

? Best Day Of My Life – American Authors

This enthusiasm likely puzzles, if not annoys, those who are indifferent to the convenience chain.

There’s an easy way to understand how Kwik Trip has become so popular: it has the same intensity of support in rural Wisconsin communities as does a bodega in Brooklyn. Arguing against Kwik Trip is like arguing against an urban bodega — a futile exercise. There are several key differences between those shops, but one key similarity: ardent customer support.

Flying cars, jetsuits and air taxis: Here are some of the novel ways Europeans got around in 2021:

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