Daily Bread for 3.12.24: Finance Committee Edits the Wisconsin DPI List of Science-Based Reading Curriculums

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Tuesday in Whitewater will be partly cloudy with a high of 66. Sunrise is 7:09 and sunset 6:59 for 11h 49m 45s of daytime. The moon is a waxing crescent with 7 percent of its visible disk illuminated.

Whitewater’s Police and Fire Commission meets at 6 PM and the Public Works Committee also meets at 6 PM

On this day in 2009, financier Bernie Madoff pleads guilty to one of the largest frauds in Wall Street’s history.

On 3.7.24, FREE WHITEWATER posted on the Wisconsin DPI List of Science-Based Reading Curriculums. That post cited the reporting of Danielle DuClos and Rory Linnane (DPI diverges from Early Literacy Council in its reading curriculum recommendations).  

The Joint Finance Committee had the option to edit the DPI list of science-based reading programs with their own science-based list. They’ve now done so. Baylor Spears reports Republican-led budget committee rejects DPI literacy curriculum recommendations:

Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) rejected the state Department of Public Instruction’s early literacy curriculum recommendation and, instead, chose to approve a smaller list of instructional guidelines recommended by the Early Literacy Curriculum Council.

The curriculum recommendations are part of the state’s work to improve the way reading is taught by shifting early literacy education to a “science of reading” approach, which emphasizes phonics and learning to sound out letters and phrases, and away from a “balanced literacy” approach, which focuses on pictures, word cues and memorization.


For the 2024-25 school year, the council’s final list included: Core Knowledge Language Arts K-3, Our EL Education Language Arts, Wit and Wisdom with Pk-3 Reading Curriculum and Bookworms Reading and Writing K-3. 

DPI, however, had submitted a longer list of 11 recommended early literacy curricula to the Joint Finance Committee last month for consideration. The agency’s list threw out the “Bookworms” curriculum, saying it did not include instruction in some of the components included in the Act 20 definition of science-based early reading instruction, and included the other three council recommendations along with eight other options.

The committee approved the council’s final curriculum list in a 10-4 vote on Monday.

SpaceX Dragon with Crew-7 returns to Earth after 6 months in space: 

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