Daily Bread for 3.19.19

Good morning.

Tuesday in Whitewater will be partly sunny with a high of fifty-two.  Sunrise is 6:58 AM and sunset 7:06 PM, for 12h 07m 56s of daytime.  The moon is a waxing gibbous with 96.5% of its visible disk illuminated.

Today is the eight hundred sixtieth day.

Whitewater’s Common Council meets at 6:30 PM.

On this day in 2003, the Iraq War begins.

Recommended for reading in full:

Conservative Peter Wehner sees A Damaged Soul and a Disordered Personality:

It doesn’t take a person with an advanced degree in psychology to see Trump’s narcissism and lack of empathy, his vindictiveness and pathological lying, his impulsivity and callousness, his inability to be guided by norms, or his shamelessness and dehumanization of those who do not abide his wishes. His condition is getting worse, not better—and there are now fewer people in the administration able to contain the president and act as a check on his worst impulses.

This constellation of characteristics would be worrisome in a banker or a high-school teacher, in an aircraft machinist or a warehouse manager, in a gas-station attendant or a truck driver. To have them define the personality of an American president is downright alarming.

Whether the worst scenarios come to pass or not is right now unknowable. But what we do know is that the president is a person who seems to draw energy and purpose from maliciousness and transgressive acts, from creating enmity among people of different races, religions, and backgrounds, and from attacking the weak, the honorable, and even the dead.

Donald Trump is not well, and as long as he is president, our nation is not safe.

Jennifer Rubin writes Trump is getting worse. And Republicans’ rationalizations are getting weaker:

Unfortunately, most Republicans are fine with Trump, or say they are. They have tax cuts and some judges, so what do they care if the presidency is sullied, racial anger builds, the United States’ reputation in the world is damaged, decency and objective truth are obliterated, and none of our real challenges (e.g. income inequality, climate change) are addressed? Republicans will still tell you that they are victims of liberal elites. In their minds, Trump is just evening the score on their behalf.

There is no moral or intellectual reason that will persuade them. There is no respectful conversation to be had with people who argue in bad faith. The only solution is to defeat Trump and his party so thoroughly that Trumpism is permanently discredited.

JR Radcliffe writes If you just care about Wisconsin connections, here’s your guide for the first four days of the NCAA Tournament:

If there’s one thing that’s difficult during the NCAA Tournament, it’s figuring out where to focus your attention on Thursday and Friday, when as many as four games are going on at the same time. If your allegiance is simply the state of Wisconsin, here’s what to watch for [scheduling and other information folows].

(The whole tournament is worth watching as much as one can, but this is a good Wisconsin-only guide.)

The Truth About Wasabi:

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