Daily Bread for 8.22.15

Good morning, Whitewater.

Saturday in town will be sunny with a high of eighty-two.  Sunrise is 6:09 and sunset 7:45, for 13h 36m 13s of daytime.  The moon is a waxing crescent with 47.1% of its visible disk illuminated.

What does sound look like?  It looks like this —

On this day in 1902, Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first president to ride in an automobile while in office:

On his arrival at Hartford the President was welcomed by a committee of representative citizens, and then taken for a drive around the city, occupying, with Col. Jacob L. Greene, a handsome victoria automobile, in charge of two expert New York chauffeurs. He was enthusiastically cheered all along the route.

The President expressed his satisfaction at the substitution of drives, for conventional handshaking. this method of entertainment seems to have given the people the opportunity desired of seeing him.

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