Daily Bread for 9.20.22: Gableman, Goblin King of the LARPers

Good morning.

Tuesday in Whitewater will see scattered morning showers with high of 86. Sunrise is 6:41 AM and sunset 6:54 PM for 12h 13m 49s of daytime. The moon is a waning crescent with 26.6% of its visible disk illuminated.

 The Whitewater Common Council meets at 6:30 PM

  On this day in 1854, during the Crimean War, British and French troops defeat the Russians at the Battle of Alma.

 Rich Kremer reports Former 2020 election investigator Michael Gableman hints at revolution in speech to Outagamie County Republicans:

Michael Gableman, who was fired from his 2020 election review office by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, appeared to tell Republicans in Outagamie County earlier this month that revolution is necessary to “keep an honest government.” 

At the Republican Party of Outagamie County’s Constitution Day Dinner Sept. 9, Gableman told attendees, “I am beginning to wonder if America’s best days are behind us.” 

He went on to say that America’s Founding Fathers created a “beautiful paradise” that has made life comfortable. 

“But it’s that very comfort that is keeping us from what our founders knew to be the only way to keep an honest government, which is revolution,” said Gableman. 

Gableman then paraphrased a 1787 letter sent written by Thomas Jefferson and said, “The tree of liberty must be watered by the blood of revolution every generation.”

Oh my. It should be obvious, but for the ignorant perhaps it isn’t: Jefferson was not describing attempts like Trump’s to overthrow the constitutionally-elected government of the United States. 

As for those who talk about wanting a revolution or a civil war, they fall into a several types.

 Momentarily-important Trumpists clinging to the spotlight. There are so many former Trump officials like this. They rose far above their limited abilities, formed a kakistocracy, and now thirst for more underserved attention and authority. 

 Facebookers and Twitter trolls who spew threats and warnings of doom while doing nothing else. These kinds may also attend meetings and rallies where they say the same in the company of the like-minded. These are the LARPers, the live action role players of Trumpism. They are the overwhelming majority among those ignorant or addled enough to follow someone like Gableman. 

Gableman, quite plainly, is not going to lead any revolution — he’s going to talk about revolution between visits to Krispy Kreme.

(In a different account of Gableman’s remarks, he’s quoted as telling his WISGOP audience that “the greatest challenge of our poor in this country is not lack of food, it’s obesity. It’s a beautiful world. But it’s that very comfort that is keeping us from what our founders knew to be the only way to keep an honest government, which is revolution.” Honest to goodness. Gableman thinks obesity is a problem holding others back? One can guess that he doesn’t have a mirror in his house.)

 Those who take action of some sort, including having fits and tantrums, while sometimes injuring others accidentally through their lack of self-control, or intentionally through their malevolence. These aren’t LARPers, but are instead an undisciplined lot that puts others at occasional risk. 

A last group comprises those who manipulate a horde, or are the horde, committed to an intentional assault against public officials or public buildings, to prevent public proceedings. January 6th was like this, and there may be other attempts to overthrow the constitutional order, perhaps more deadly and effective than the last. 

Gableman, himself, is unlikely to participate in any violent acts against the American Republic.

For Michael Gableman, Goblin King of the LARPers is the role of a lifetime.

 Snack Bandit Bear Steals From 7-Eleven:

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