‘Do Deportations Lower Crime? Not According to the Data’

Anna Flagg writes Do Deportations Lower Crime? Not According to the Data:

In one of Donald J. Trump’s earliest moves as president, days after his inauguration, he revived the deportation program known as Secure Communities. Proponents argue that it helps prevent crime and also increases the police’s ability to solve crime through collaboration with federal immigration enforcement. But a new study from the University of California, Davis, has cast doubt on the ability of Secure Communities to do either.

This story was published in collaboration with The New York Times’s Upshot. The program, involving cooperation between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and local police departments, began under George W. Bush in 2008. President Obama expanded it drastically during his first term but in 2014 discontinued it.

Embedded below, in full, is a proper academic study, Immigrants’ Deportations, Local Crime and Police Effectiveness, from Annie Laurie Hines of the University of California, Davis and Giovanni Peri, University of California, Davis and IZA (Institute of Labor Economics).

Two points for Whitewater:

1. Local law enforcement’s repeated techniques to stop and to identify undocumented residents – kept out of the press by a leader more subtle than his needy predecessors ever were – are no less objectionable than their conduct was. A brief that begins with ‘don’t make a public fuss and embarrass us’ still leaves ample room for coddling revanchist subordinates.

2. Perhaps someone will send along to the UW-Whitewater Marketing and Communications group’s Assistant Vice Chancellor Sara Kuhl and Assistant Director Jeff Angileri a copy of the embedded study, so that they can see what a proper methodology requires.

These two have been on campus for years, and yet their own flacking of a counterfeit study on campus safety from a burglar-alarm dealer shows only their ignorance (or worse, their contempt) for the basic academic standards through which UW-Whitewater’s faculty and students have been successful. See The Marketing of Misinformation: UW-Whitewater’s Use of a Counterfeit ‘Campus Safety’ Study and For UW-Whitewater’s Administration, Talking Points Won’t Be Enough.

For today — Immigrants’ Deportations, Local Crime and Police Effectiveness

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