Her Loss is America’s Gain

Laura Ingraham: “The America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don’t like … this is related to both illegal and legal immigration” pic.twitter.com/s5G2qIY4W0 — Andrew Lawrence (@ndrew_lawrence) August 9, […]

Trump v. Hawaii

Below, I’ve embedded the full decision in Trump v. Hawaii, a decision concerning Trump’s travel ban. The decision was handed down this morning, upholding the ban on 5-4 vote. The case was reversed and remanded.  Immediately below, readers will find the syllabus for the case, a summary that’s useful to review before reading the opinion.  […]

Sounds of Trumpism’s Malevolence

Robert Kagan, writing of Trump’s foreign policy, describes the uncaring malevolence of Trump’s perspective: Trump’s America does not care. It is unencumbered by historical memory. It recognizes no moral, political or strategic commitments. It feels free to pursue objectives without regard to the effect on allies or, for that matter, the world. It has no […]

Injury By Design

Paul Waldman correctly observes that The Trump administration’s immigration policies are impossibly cruel. That’s the whole point: Amid growing outrage over the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents when families arrive at the border, many are asking how the administration can be so cruel as to literally tear children from their mothers’ arms. There’s […]

Rescuing Refugees

Stratis is a fisherman in Greece, who has personally helped rescue thousands of refugees. He says it all comes down to one simple fact: we’re all human. pic.twitter.com/lmYqpWgWyI — AmnestyInternational (@amnesty) May 21, 2018

A Detention Machine

America, of all places, should not be in the business of this sort of detention. Not now, not ever. We are, and always will be, at our best as a free and welcoming place. “Maybe it is a concentration camp; I don’t want to make it look nice.” Joe Arpaio stands by his 2008 description […]

Supporting Civil Disobedience in Support of Dreamers

A hard condition of our communities is found among Dreamers vulnerable to unjust deportation; the hard work on their behalf is found among those who have actively protested in defense of those Dreamers. For the rest of us, Voces de la Frontera offers an opportunity to contribute to pay the fines of twenty-three who protested […]

The Catholic Church Catches a Break…from Steve Bannon

I’m from a Lutheran & Catholic family, and believe that there are sound, religious reasons to support immigration, and especially to support Dreamers’ continued residency in America. (Indeed, the are sound reasons of free markets in labor to support an immigration policy as open as possible.) For today, though, let’s consider – as a purely […]

Anti-Immigration Measures, Wrong Yet Again

Embed from Getty Images An anti-immigration position is for economics something like a flat-earth position would be for natural science: one may hold it only through either ignorance or disorder. (The ignorance would have  to be profound, as even the weakest grasp of economics would incline a rational person to acknowledge the benefits of a […]

Ryan Chose This

Paul Ryan’s had quite the career: Congressman, House budget chairman, vice presidential candidate, Speaker. He chose each of these positions; not one was the result of conscription. Ryan chose again, this morning, freely and deliberately. RT if you agree? It is time for The Wall. pic.twitter.com/s5MO8SG7SL — Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan) August 1, 2017 There is […]

On Rumors

Whitewater is a small town, with a population under fifteen thousand, approximately half of whom are college students. One of the advantages of being far smaller than Los Angeles or Atlanta should be the ease with which municipal leaders and law enforcement can meet and talk to residents. A person of average health and energy […]

Cato’s Policy Handbook, Chapter 13: Immigration

Cato’s Policy Handbook for Policymakers, 8th Edition, is now available. Chapter 13 offers excellent immigration suggestions to move toward a freer labor market. It’s a reasoned approach in the place of dodgy data and nativist biases. What private individuals believe about these matters is their own concern; policymakers and officials should meet a higher standard, […]