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Engagement and Engagement-Engagement

Sometimes, as a matter of emphasis, people repeat a word – so a big tree becomes a big-big tree, and something sweet becomes sweet-sweet. The repetition of the adjective suggests an exceptional thing – more intense or more significant.

In this way, there might be both engagement and engagement-engagement. In this first situation, there’s some involvement in an issue or discussion; in the second situation, there’s ongoing involvement beyond the moment.

One can offer a guess about Whitewater, from the presence of a same-ten-person problem for government participation: a controversy might led to engagement with government on an issue, but it may not lead to engagement-engagement (that is, longterm, consistent involvement).

The best indicator of whether someone will respond to government action is whether he or she has responded consistently in the past. That man or woman has a track record; declarations of ongoing action from others who have not engaged consistently are merely promissory.

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