Friday Cat Blogging: Happy Cat Sanctuary


Chris Arsenault started rescuing cats in 2006 after his 24-year-old son Eric tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident caused by a stuck throttle. After this huge loss, Chris accidentally came across a cat colony of 30 sick and nursing kittens. Chris decided to remove all the kittens from the colony and nurse them back to health. It was then that Chris discovered his calling. “I wanted to do something good with my life,” says Chris. “This sanctuary is in memory of my son.” Since then, Happy Cat Sanctuary has grown into one of the most unique cat sanctuaries in the country. Happy Cat is a truly happy place where felines can live in safety, health and happiness, without the threat of being poisoned, shot at, neglected, or euthanized. “We have saved cats from terrible hoarding situations, from condemned homes, and even from gangs who try to trap them for use as bait in dog fighting rings,” says Chris.

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