Friday Catblogging: Cats & Cooking

Teddy Amenabar reports on a happy online development in Cats and cooking. Here’s a YouTube channel that combines two cornerstones of the site:

The Internet as we know it began with cats: Their keyboardstheir rainbowsthose pearly black eyes. Cats are the Internet.

So while videos of cats on YouTube are not a new concept, cooking with them might be. Popular YouTube channel JunsKitchen stars three house cats — Kohaku, Poki and Nagi — who watch as their owner Jun Yoshizuki prepares classic Japanese staples such as omuriceramen and tofu.

JunsKitchen is one of four YouTube channels run by Yoshizuki, 29, and his wife, Rachel, 30. While most of their channels focus on their life and travels in Japan, JunsKitchen features basic cooking tutorials. But what makes these special, and popular with fans, is the soothing atmosphere Jun creates with meticulously edited videos. He posted just seven videos to the channel last year.

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