Friday Catblogging: FDNY Firefighters Rescue Kitten Trapped in Wheel Well



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Good news from the Big Apple, as Tom Shea reports FDNY firefighters rescue kitten trapped in underside of car:

Unfortunately, getting the frightened feline out wasn’t as simple as reaching in and picking it up. Firefighters broke out their tools and were able to get the wheel off — but the difficulties didn’t stop there.

They needed help from an unlikely source.

“There was some kind of bar pinning it down and keeping it from getting out so we used Dawn dish soap and lathered him all up and eventually I was able to pull the kitten out,” said Caliendo.

Video showed Caliendo pulling the kitten out from where it was stuck, as others stood by to help out.

And there was a happy ending for the feline as well: A member of Engine 311, which shares the firehouse, adopted the kitten.


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