Friday Catblogging: Galina Bugaevskaya’s Cats as Royalty


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Via Artist Reimagines Cats as Royalty in Traditional Portraits of People:

When looking at old works of art, it’s not uncommon to find a feline companion somewhere in the composition. Artist Galina Bugaevskaya (aka Cat Universe on Instagram), however, reimagines traditional portraits where cats are the stars. Her ongoing series features kitties donned in historical costumes and jewelry, posing as noblity.

Bugaevskaya has been creating her Cat Universe for over three years. The premise of the project is to place images of cats—usually via Photoshop—in unexpected situations. “I am inspired by their faces: funny, stern, curious—so different,” Bugaevskaya tells My Modern Met. “I adore non-standard photos and funny facial expressions, and I also love harsh frowning cats.”

In her series of “purrfect” portraits, she edits different felines into vintage oil paintings. To do this, she has to pair images of cats with the portraits that fit the most naturally—or with ones that are the most uncanny

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