Friday Comment Forum and Poll: Favorite Christmas Book

What's your favorite Christmas book? I've a poll with a few choices from a list on Amazon, and a forum for comments on your own favorite (those or others). As always, comments are moderated only against tolls and profanity. Otherwise, have at it. <a xhref="" mce_href="">Favorite Christmas Book</a>

7 thoughts on “Friday Comment Forum and Poll: Favorite Christmas Book

  1. They’re all good, but for this year, I think I’ll re-read A Christmas Carol.

  2. Oddly, and uniquely, for this liberal, it’s Mike Huckabee’s “A Simple Christmas,” first read 2 years ago or so…at least he gets THIS right…er…correct. For a thoughtful read, check out “Batman: Noel,” a current DC graphic novel.

  3. That’s interesting, as I did not know Huckabee had a Christmas book. I would have thought a standard politician’s autobiography, but nothing else. Worth exploring…

  4. The life and adventures of Santa is one I have never even heard of

    Favorite: Grinch who stole Christmas

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