FW Comments Policy

This site has now opened comments on almost all posts, including for anonymous or pseudonymous posters. Comments stay open for a few days after a post’s publication, and then close automatically. That’s new; for the site’s first four years, there were no generally open comments, with the exception of a weekly post on most Fridays. […]

Friday Poll & Comment Forum: Favorite Holiday Film?

Here’s a poll and comment forum topic for the weekend of Christmas: What’s your favorite holiday film? I’ve a poll with a few choices, and a comment form below. Some of the poll choices come from a list of top Christmas films at Collider.com. <a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/5785242/”>Favorite Holiday Film</a>I’ll put in my pitch for Elf: it’s […]

Update: When will Whitewater see its first accumulated snowfall this season? When you thought it would…

Over a month ago, I asked in a Poll & Comment Forum: When will Whitewater see its first accumulated snowfall this season?  The standard was at least one inch, and I think we’re close enough today for Saturday, December 17th to be Whitewater’s first snowfall.  It’s not much snow, but it’s enough to be noticeable, and […]

Friday Comment Forum and Poll: Favorite Christmas Book

What’s your favorite Christmas book? I’ve a poll with a few choices from a list on Amazon, and a forum for comments on your own favorite (those or others). As always, comments are moderated only against tolls and profanity. Otherwise, have at it. <a xhref=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/5744441/” mce_href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/5744441/”>Favorite Christmas Book</a>

Poll & Comment Forum: When will Whitewater see its first accumulated snowfall this season?

Here’s a meteorological poll: When will Whitewater see its first accumulated snowfall this year? Let’s say accumulated means at least one inch – less would just be a dusting. When will that much snow first stick on the ground? The National Weather Service has an online archive of past Wisconsin snowfall data at the ready. […]

Poll and Comment Forum: Android or iPhone?

Ok, smart readers: here’s a question about smartphones. (‘Smart readers’: that’s all of you, with the exception of anyone visiting who thinks Whitewater’s Tax Incremental District 4 has actually been managed well.) I use an Android phone, and it’s one in a series of Android phones I’ve used since the launch of that operating system. […]

Friday Poll and Comment Forum: Removing Spectators from the Assembly Gallery

Here’s a video of the gallery of Wisconsin’s Assembly, where spectators are being removed for wearing 8.5 x 11 inch pieces of paper taped to their shirts. Silent, peaceful citizens, sitting with messages, removed for displaying written words on their clothing. Mere words. Leaving aside Rep. Kessler’s legal justification (whether their rights in this case […]

Friday Poll and Comment Forum: What’s Bucky’s mistake in an ESPN commercial?

Bucky Badger’s in a new ESPN commercial, embedded below (h/t Althouse). Looking at the commercial, where do you think Bucky goes wrong (assuming you think he goes wrong at all)? Multiple answers are possible. What’s Bucky mistake in an ESPN Commercial? So, what do you think? The post will remain open until Sunday morning. Comments […]