Friday Poll and Comment Forum: What’s Bucky’s mistake in an ESPN commercial?

Bucky Badger’s in a new ESPN commercial, embedded below (h/t Althouse).

Looking at the commercial, where do you think Bucky goes wrong (assuming you think he goes wrong at all)? Multiple answers are possible.

So, what do you think?

The post will remain open until Sunday morning. Comments will be moderated against profanity and trolls; otherwise, have at it.

7 thoughts on “Friday Poll and Comment Forum: What’s Bucky’s mistake in an ESPN commercial?

  1. Bucky might not make mistakes, but he needs his mouth cleaned out with soap. Having attended the last game at Camp Randall against the Huskers, I was shocked to hear the profanity of the student section shouting “FU– YOU,” and “EAT SH-T,” back and forth at each other. This, and passing an inflatable phallus through the stands…The Phantom Stranger is glad to hear that Alvarez & Bielema are making attempts to cleanse these foulmouths.

  2. yep, some fans at games have taken a quality hit lately

    it’s a setback to give tickets to a game and have a someone talk about the mess in the stands

  3. Well, Bucky shouldn’t be at ESPN, because that’s a conflict of interest.

    The only place Bucky belongs is in an office at Camp Randall, and on the sidelines cheering on his team and doing pushups.

    It’s funny how your poll is worded, because Hannah’s not wearing typical office attire, at least for any place around here. So, yes, he would have noticed her. 😉

    Even so, Bucky needs to get back to work in the fresh air on campus. Encouraging appropriate fan behavior would be a start 🙂

  4. hahahaha that’s evry work study student on campus doing no work and no study

  5. The Phantom Stranger is not a prude. You would never hear such filthy language at a UW-W Warhawks game. Go, Warhawks! And, yes, The Phantom Stranger is a homer (even though I wasn’t born and bred here), despite all else. Hmmm.

  6. Unfortunately, different campuses — for reasons unknown to me — have problems like this from time to time, where spectators confuse the stands and the locker room. They wreck the enjoyment of the game for everyone nearby.

    Years ago, my alma mater had problems like this, and they persisted for about a season. Why conditions returned to normal, I don’t know, but it was welcome to us when they did. One would want to take one’s girl to a game, but that’s not the sort of atmosphere that does anyone credit.

    Alvarez and Bielema are right to do what they can, and I hope they’re successful soon.

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