Poll and Comment Forum: Android or iPhone?

Ok, smart readers: here’s a question about smartphones. (‘Smart readers’: that’s all of you, with the exception of anyone visiting who thinks Whitewater’s Tax Incremental District 4 has actually been managed well.)

I use an Android phone, and it’s one in a series of Android phones I’ve used since the launch of that operating system. (Before that I was a longtime BlackBerry user.)

Now, though, I wonder: should I jump ship to the iPhone 4s?

Droid or iPhone? I’ve a poll and comment forum on the topic, and your opinions are my enrichment.

Comments will be moderated against profanity and trolls; otherwise, have at it.

6 thoughts on “Poll and Comment Forum: Android or iPhone?

  1. iPhone’s the way to go but you will still ahve to pick a phone company

    that depends on quality of coverage in your town, so I can’t answer that part

  2. Android. Android gives you more flexibility to customize and will have huge improvements in Ice Cream sandwich. Stay android.

  3. Mr. Adams, that’s an easy choice.

    I think you should get the latest iPhone, and you’ll have a great smartphone that’s simple to use. The new version comes with a program called Siri as your own virtual assistant.

    Perhaps she’ll help you with your blogging. 😉

  4. I’ve been an iPhone fan since I bought a 3GS. I just purchased the 4S, and am constantly amazed at the device’s ingenuity. I have friends who have abandoned their ‘driods for the iPhone. They say that there is no comparison.
    I’m contemplating an iPad. And there is buzz of an Apple TV that will access the ‘Net, Netflix, Hulu, etc., and will be voice-driven, as is iPhone 4S, by Siri.
    I can access my Google, email,ESPN, and home DVR content on my iPhone…
    ‘Star Trek’s’ tricorder, and Dick Tracy’s 2 way wrist TV, are now reality!

  5. Then iPhone it will be – many thanks for the positive recommendations. We are, after all, now where so many memorable shows and comics imagined us, aren’t we?

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