Weekend Poll & Comment Forum: What’s your favorite holiday song?

It’s December — already — and Thanksgiving’s just a pleasant memory. However enjoyable that day (and it is), there are (to my knowledge) no popular Thanksgiving songs. Thanksgiving is a quiet holiday. The same cannot be said of Christmas (a naturally more exuberant holiday), or anything in December, for that matter. This is not a quiet month.

What’s your favorite holiday song? I’ve a poll with a few possibilities (from a list of popular radio songs), and space for comments to this post.

Comments will be moderated against profanity or trolls, but otherwise have at it.

My favorite: O Holy Night.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Poll & Comment Forum: What’s your favorite holiday song?

  1. Well, festive cats are easily added. From now through Christmas, Friday cat blogging will offer Christmas cats.

  2. “O Holy Night” is also my favorite Christmas song. Best version is sung by Mahlia Jackson. You may actually “fall on your knees” . . . check it out.

  3. My favorites are several by that Renaissance Man, Gordon Sumner, popularly known as ‘Sting.’ “I Saw Three Ships,” and “Christmas at Sea.” There are more electic, orginal, historical Christmas songs on Sting’s CD/DVD “If on a Winter’s Night,” available from Deutsch Grammophon. This is a CD to savor during the coming, long Winter days. Enjoy!

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