Friday Poll and Comment Forum: Cats or Dogs?

Here’s a question that I’ve not yet offered, and that’s overdue: Cats or Dogs?

FREE WHITEWATER has catblogging, but no dogblogging. Generally, I’d pick cats, recognizing that a good dog counts for a lot, even if cats are particularly fascinating (and worthily independent). So, for me, cats over dogs, but not by much — just a whisker. As for my own dog, I’d not make the choice, as he’s a very sold and sharp canine.

Here you go: which do you prefer?

Comments will be moderated against profanity and trolls; otherwise have at it. This post will be open until Sunday morning.

7 thoughts on “Friday Poll and Comment Forum: Cats or Dogs?

  1. Sadly, I’m allergic to most cats! It has something to do with dander. But I do like ’em, I just have to distance myself…

  2. Cats forever! Thanks for the Catapalooza post (with map to the shelter).

    It’s true that some people are allergic to cats. It also seems more common than allergies to dogs (sometimes the allergies develop over time).

  3. Sometimes people try to get “hypoallergenic” cats or dogs, but there’s no evidence those pets really cause fewer alergies from regular dogs or cats.

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