Friday Poll: Flight Attendant’s Exit Strategy

A Houston television station reports that a United Airlines flight attendant used an evacuation slide to leave a packed airplane, despite the absence of any emergency:

According to an official with United Airlines, the incident happened around noon after Flight 1246 landed in Houston after traveling from Sacramento. Julia Price deployed an evacuation slide when the aircraft reached Gate C43 and came to a full stop….

After sliding down the chute, Price lands and takes a few steps before grabbing the bag she threw down first and walking away.

Some passengers on the plane didn’t even realize what happened because their attention was on a medical emergency at the back of the plane. A man was having trouble breathing and needed to be escorted off the flight in a wheelchair….

Via United flight attendant fired after emergency slide exit at IAH.

So, was this a clever way to avoid congestion or an impermissible use of emergency equipment?

1 comment for “Friday Poll: Flight Attendant’s Exit Strategy

  1. Dr. X
    04/15/2016 at 9:38 AM

    Totally crazy way to behave.