Friday Poll: Least-Convincing UFO Video Ever?

There’s a recently-posted video on YouTube of a supposed UFO sighting over the Taj Mahal. I’ve embedded it below, and it seems to me to be about as bogus and unconvincing as any UFO video I’ve ever seen. (They typically seem that way to me.) This one, however, looks especially staged.

What do you think?

One can say this much, however, with confidence: the Taj Mahal looks fantastic

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Ayn Rand
9 years ago

Very suspicious 😉

9 years ago

i wish it was true but i doubt it

The Phantom Stranger
9 years ago

It looks like The Flying Sub from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! 😉

Dr. X
9 years ago

there could be real ufos but this one looks “laughably bogus”

9 years ago

little green men would fly ships *designed* to look bogus.
that way no one would believe they were watching us

stvjns daughs
9 years ago

There is clearly not enough information here to either confirm or deny the reality of this footage. It looks perfectly natural when compared to a huge number of ufo witness captures, but it could also be a fabrication. Anyone who says it is an obvious fake has not done their homework, or has other reasons for making that claim.
There is another parallel question, one that is typically ignored (for whatever reason), which is: If real footage, is this extraterrestrial or secret corporate/military equipment? The answer is the same as I stated above for the other question.