Friday Poll: Petting a Zoo Lion

Although some of the facts are disputed, there’s common acknowledgement that Renae Ferguson visited a small Michigan Zoo, entered a lion’s cage, and may have had part of her finger bitten off. Ferguson contends a zookeeper invited her into the cage to pet the lion; the zoo claims she entered against an employee’s warning.

(Note to zoo: that’s a sketchy defense. A plaintiff’s attorney will likely contend that the applicable standard of care requires a cage design that prevents visitors from entering, regardless of what a zoo’s employee might have said.)

In any event, assuming you were invited to pet a zoo lion, would you do it?

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9 years ago

look what finger it bit!!!!!!!!!!!

9 years ago

she had it coming for insulting taht animal

The Phantom Stranger
9 years ago

…next, honey, let’s go hand-feed the sharks! 😉

Ayn Rand
9 years ago

Zoo does not equal tame 😉

9 years ago

What if she faked the whole thing?

9 years ago

They will nver call me lefty !!!